Survey Results

These are the first responses to the YOUR TIME survey that is being completed by women in Malawi when they receive their menstrual cups. They illustrate the need for menstrual hygiene management faced by disadvantaged women throughout the world. Since board member Sandy Beug traveled to Malawi in June with 100 cups, almost all of them have been successfully distributed by the hard-working members of the Your Time team there. This has been a successful pilot project for Your Time which will continue with the shipment of more cups in the near future.

Women are so excited and more are willing to start using the cups. The team in Malawi are very happy and delighted to be part of the team and impacting the lives of these women in this way.

Survey Results from the local women in Malawi:

  • The current method of menstrual hygiene management: 80% of women use a reusable cloth, and 20% use cotton wool.

  • 80% have difficulty accessing menstrual hygiene supplies.

  • On a monthly basis, women spend on average 28 to 70 cents per month on menstrual hygiene supplies. The average annual income is $250, less than one dollar per day).

  • 100% of women at some time have chosen not to participate in a sport or social event because they were worried about leakage of menstrual fluid.

  • Women are concerned about the environmental impact of disposable pads, tampons, applicators, and packaging.

  • 90% at some time have suffered embarrassment or indignity when a pad or tampon became saturated or leaked.

  • 74% are experiencing sleep disturbance.

  • 48% do not have access to a bathroom.

  • Many are experiencing chafing and bruising from reusable pads.

  • Husbands complain of smell and poor privacy as reusable pads are hung to dry in bedrooms.

YOUR TIME wishes to thank all of you who have already contributed to our project or have expressed interest in doing so in the future.

Kind regards,

Sandy Beug

President of the YOUR TIME Women's Empowerment Foundation